NEWS RELEASE; March 17, 2007 – Rochester, Minnesota


Super K9 & HumanKIND Free U(tube)NIVERSITY Starting Soon!


Watch or participate in the world’s first ‘free’ University on You Tube, showing how to make your puppy, infant and toddler excel mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.  Activities supported by brain science will be used to sharpen sensory and motor functions called upon to live and learn vibrantly.  Join FAScinating author Jodee Kulp, Body/Brain Boogie man Jeff Haebig, and other neurodevelopmental experts and enthusiasts bring the science of enhanced learning to life.  Play along and graduate with a high degree of super humankind and K9 skills… bow WOW!




Jodee Kulp is ‘dogmatic’ -- she knows exactly how she’ll help her nine newborn Poodle puppies become ‘top dog’.  First, she will soup up their developing brains before they are born by feeding their mom a nutritional diet full of essential fatty acids, including salmon broth.  Next the puppies will complete ‘mutterly’ amazing training at Body/brain Boost Camp designed to strengthen their sensory and motor systems.  The goal is helping tail-wagging pups to become super K9’s! 


Her innocent puppies will have no bone to pick with the Body/brain Booster activities – they are all fun and appropriate to puppy growth.  Jodee knows brain development first hand helping her adoptive daughter overcome many learning challenges resulting from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  Her book, Our FAScinating Journey: Keys to Brain Potential Along the Path of Prenatal Brain Injury shows mother and daughter’s dogged persistence building neural pathways, and systematically strengthening living and learning skills. 


The puppies won’t have ‘all the fun’ doggone it!  Infants, toddlers, and young children will enjoy the Body/brain Booster activities as well.  Jeff Haebig and a team of teachers and neurodevelopmental specialists will use a similar sequence of movements designed to sharpen children’s hearing, vision, tactile, muscular, vestibular and attentional systems called upon to live and learn with vibrancy.  Jeff is the Body/Brain ‘Boogie’ man, who shakes, rattles n’ shows how the body and brain learn best though movement.  People of all ages will be able to mimic engaging gestures and recite catchy words to sharpen their sensory and motor systems to sharpen focus, boost attention, and improve learning skills.


Special Note:  NCLB ‘No Child Left Behind’ mandates show many students are struggling in school.  By strengthening the sensory and motor systems called upon to draw, write, talk, read, spell, and listen attentively, the learning gap can be narrowed.  Body/brain Boosters are designed to mature the body/brain helping students focus, attend, and perform academic skills with greater ease.  It is hoped that the babies and puppies will create active interest in neurodevelopment, showing highly effective ways to create super learning skills for all humanKIND!