Dog Scout Camp -- June 2005

Dear Dad,

I hope everything is fine back home. I am having a very nice time at Dog Scout Camp.  You can see I made friends who helped me learn to do lots of fun stuff. When I come home I will be a real Dog Scout with my CGC...that means I am a Canine Good Citizen!

Love Bonnie.

I am learning to paint and painted Mom's jeans. They are now splattered and very pretty.

Here is me painting with my friend.
Mom has a Shaping T-Shirt I painted.

Walking back from Splash Pond. Next year I'm spending my time in the water!

We went wilderness camping and built a lean-too. Mom and I crawled in and I didn't want to get out. I thought it was the perfect dog place.

I played with Sinjin a goldendoodle in the sand.
I had to learn to play with lots of dogs.

I took dog naps in the tent on Mom's pillow
I played so hard I got really tired.

We learned all kinds of important things to help me become
a big and healthy dog who can help persons with FASD
be the best they can be.

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