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Pilot Project 2007-2008
FASD Psychiatric Service Dog
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Meet Ken and Limey

Limey gave me back my hope. He is a miracle to me. Limey is healing my heart. He is sewing together the broken pieces of not ever being good enough. Because with Limey I am good enough. I have confidence.

Limey becomes my opportunity to think beyond myself. In that way he helps me control my impulsivity and also I have to think about what would happen if I did something. Because something I do will include Limey and his life. It is now not just me. Me includes us.

Me and Limey are a team.

With Limey I can be more normal, because I have to pay attention to his needs and my own. Having Limey with me makes me think before I do something. Limey watches my back and keeps me safe. With Limey I have had to learn to walk straight and tall and learn
to be his support just as he is my support. We support each other in life. Someday I will be his complete handler, today I work with a handler that spends time with us to understand our needs, help me understand dog language and help me communicate with Limey.

Limey helps me participate in more things and if I am overwhelmed or anxious I can refocus and calm down. When I am working on the computer I can pet him and he helps me think better when my thoughts get too busy and confused. Before I met Limey I had to
work very hard to control myself, it was like fire and smoke always rolled and moved inside my personal space bubble. Limey pierces through that space bubble and I am able to be more of myself. My heart slows down and my thoughts calm and I can focus better. I have to become an advocate for both of us and I need to do it with respect and kindness.

I must always be kind to Limey if I want Limey to be the best he can be. I treat Limey the way I wish people would treat me.

Limey lets me be a part of the bigger community, get exercise and he is learning to remind me to take my medication and also care for myself. I have to remember to care for Limey. I wash his face in the morning when I take care of my hygiene. I take him for walks
and we play together. He never notices if I am running differently from other people. Limey does not judge me - or my speaking or anything about me except he loves me. He laughs, but he doesn't laugh at me, we laugh together. We are happy when we are together.

A poodle needs attention and care. I am not afraid of the grooming and as I grow in my skills my handler will teach me new ways to care for him. We are using the 'slow is fast' approach in helping me learn new things. It is better I learn something well. Then I will
remember. Grooming also means I need another community relationship - a groomer is a regular part of the community and so is a veterinarian. A dog training class is also a normal thing that other people do and I like being a part of that. To keep Limey my handlers wants me to continue taking classes and participate in dog activities or sports.

From 18 to 21years old I made big steps emotionally in learning to handle myself. But it was not perfect. No one is perfect.

I was often told I couldn't do this, you can't do that. And I would think "Yes I can" Then I thought, they are right - the staff and the professionals and other people, I can't. That makes you lose hope in your life and it makes you feel bad like there is no use in trying anyway. It also makes you feel angry and it is an anger you can't do anything about except react poorly. Then you feel bad about how you affect others and you think of yourself as not a good person. But I am a good person and with Limey I am not less than.

Limey is my partner and I am his companion and he is my companion. My life used to feel dark and dreary and not nice, now even when I am not with Limey because he is still with his handler I have hope. I have joy. I have blue sky and sunny days. Even when it is cold and dark outside. I still feel the sun on the inside of me. I see goodness. Limey is goodness for me and it is magical how I have changed because of him, because of us together.
I don't have to prove myself capable for him. I can just be Ken and he still loves me and respects me. And I respect him.

I can remain calm in situations where I would have been anxious because I was not sure I knew what do to. When I am connected to Limey through his leash I can feel his energy, like I we are holding hands and I know I am not alone. It means that instead of acting like my shoe size I can act my age.

Limey sits on my feet and keeps me grounded in reality. He will also join me at my art school as a companion and service dog. In order to have Limey and bring him home, I am required to take him to Obedience class and we both must pass, I must take my meds, not have any chaotic outbursts and work hard to act my age that is now 22.

Limey will remain with the handler until I am ready to keep him by myself. We are already bonded and we enjoy working together, speaking together at conferences and learning to get around the community. My handler, who works as a coach for me continues to give me more space with Limey. We have overnights and weekends now.

We are taking it slowly. All of us want this project to become a hope for other young adults with FASDs.

Limey will be expected to behave at my school. My handler brought him to visit and both of us were so excited to see each other we were both jumping. It took us a while to calm done and get to work. We were able to deal with the surprise visit and I was able to introduce Limey to the other people in my Art School.

Limey playing with his brother and sisters while his mom Bonnie watches.

Limey lives with three of his littermates and his mom. My handler works with all of them and teaches them new things to become better dogs. Limey is still very young and it is good for him to also learn to be a dog and know dog language and behavior. It is important for him to know how to be part of both the dog community and the human side of the world. When I take off his working vest and say "Free" he gets to be a puppy again.

This is Limey at 10 months!
It is cold here in Minnesota so I am letting
him keep his wooly coat to play outside.

January 2008

I have now been working with Limey as my service dog for three months. He is now ten months old and we love each other. He whines and runs to the window when I have to leave him, but his handler says he recovers quickly. We both feel we need each other.

Limey and I went up to Brainerd, Minnesota to speak about Fetal Alcohol
Spectrum Disorders (FASD) to professional mental health workers. We also
visited Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

Limey's decked out in Harley gear, then we changed to get ready for the bus.

Limey has changed my relationship with my Dad. We've worked together in
building my independence and training Limey.
He took a chance on me and Limey.

Checking out proper street crossing and waiting for the bus.

Riding the bus with Limey - even in RUSH HOUR took practice - Here Limey
and I are walking to my Art School to check out my new sculpture.

We stopped to look at my Robot Sculpture and then get a
piece of Pizza at a little restaurant.

I have a special ID and information card I give to people in the community
to help them understand Limey's role in my life.

Limey and I left the light rail to go to the Mall of America.

Limey and I went up to the food court to practice walking through
areas with lots of smells and possibly dropped burger pieces.

Dad and I had lunch at McDonalds and Limey left every single scrap
and didn't even sniff!

Limey and I will be using stairs and elevators never escalators. He is required to wait at the
top of the steps until I start down and walk at my speed.

Because I am now becoming his full time handler he knows that strange noises
and strange looking things are not a problem. He looks to me for direction
and I look to him for support.

Limey has my back at ATMs and Drinking fountains.

On the train Limey slides under the seat and rests his head on my feet

My parents have been very supportive of this project.

Limey stays with me while I check in for my doctor's appointment and wait.
Limey gives me confidence and I don't have to feel anxious.

My doctor noticed the changes inspired in my life because of Limey.
I am moving from 23/7 group home care to a more independent living
opportunity with my family. We have noticed improvement in impulsivity,
transitions and change and self-esteem.

From Ken's Mother: Last Tuesday, Limey got a very brief introduction to his new home and then he and Ken left for a walk and wound up walking to Petsmart for their class.
Ken carefully explained how he crossed the major street so they could
walk on the sidewalk -- something it took him years to learn when he was out
biking. I'm loving seeing the connections and generalizations!

Special thanks to Liz Kulp for helping to train Limey.
Limey makes one final hospital visit with Liz.

Limey's last day was a long check out - he visited the High School for Teens with Fetal Alcohol and Autism and had to deal with many many strange sounds and noises.He
got his final grooming and made one last hospital visit to a critical care unit.

Limey gets a final discussion from Karl Dad Handler and a hug from Jodee Mom Handler.

One final photo before leaving Knarlwoods . . . 
you've made a lot of progress since you climbed out from under that hat LIME BOY!

Well Done Limey!

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Limey is Knarlwood's First Born pup and his birth began outside in 10 degree Minnesota weather because his mother Knarlwoods Cinne'bonne' did not want to make a mess in the house so her handlers had to encourage her to give birth in the warmth and care of her family. Limey was kissed and licked by his daddy Ben-Cher's Makone of Knarlwoods. He was a very healthy little puppy and enjoyed living with his pack.


Prenatal, Birth to Three Days
Limey's initial training began before he was born. His mother Knarlwoods Cinne'bonne'  was fed a highly nutritious diet, exercised, loved and touched gently throughout her pregnancy. The birth of Limey included her important family members and Ben-Cher's Makone of Knarlwoods (sire) lovingly licked Limey clean before he was placed to nurse as the first born pup. It also included the cat as beloved supervisor.

At three days Limey and his siblings began the Super Dog training program used by the military and this continued from day 3-16. Everyday he was loved by both his dad and mom. Infact Bonnie allowed his father Mak into the whelping box to help her lick the pups
from day three onward.

The next weeks Limey was introduced to smells and sounds and textures. Toys changed
every couple days and introduced the pups to many wonderful experiences.

As they got older and stronger, over one hundred people helped to hold and love and play with the pups. They got used to all different abilities and shapes and sizes and colors of people. The puppies were introduced to leashes and simple basis commands and manners. They visited schools for persons with challenges and senior citizen apartments. They were introduced to kennels, crates and pens. They grew up with agility equipment and all pups completed bridges, ramps and tunnels. Introductions were made to pheasants and bird wings with soft mouth. Other companion house pets - cats, birds and guinea pigs.- were introduced as relationship partners.

By sixteen weeks, Knarlwood's had released the pups chosen for family companion
pets. That is when the additional training of the four remaining pups began. Four pups were chosen as starter pups for therapy or more therapeutic companionship.

Additional basic training included learning to swim, playing on playground equipment
and long recall games.

Limey also participated in the following for his initial training.
Training highlighs included:

Date Activity Partitipants Service provided
Aug. 07
3 days
Life inthe FASlane
Support Puppy
Provide safe refuge for transitioning young adults when overwhelmed.-
Limey meets Ken.

September 2007

Community training for starter pups - store entry, elevators, streets, forests, swimming, agility and community behaviors. Beginning work with birds, take, give, drop. Visits to
MOFAS and other community business. Pups participate in IronDog Triathalon, go camping, and attend Poodle Days

October 2007

3 days Knarlwoods with Ken Ken/Limey/
Three days at Knarlwoods
for Ken and Limey to get
to know each other, evaluate potential of the team and began to learn basics.
Visits to City Hall, Pet Stores
and working in community with Limey under observation. Visited Pet Training facility, worked in street traffic, sidewalks in busy areas to observe team.
  Ken with Father Ken/Limey
Walked 4.5 miles

November 07

1 day Courage of a Blue Boy
Conference on FASDs
320 participants Provide diversion and work with Ken in large groups. Stand beside Ken while
he presents. Practice in working
with large convention.
Hotel, community and elevator work.
  Ken with Father Ken/Limey
Walked 4.5 miles
3 days Thanksgiving at Kens Ken's Family Working within his new future extended family.
  Ken with Father Ken/Limey
Walked 4.5 miles
4 days White Earth FASD Awareness Training 3 schools, foster/adoptive parent group,
Women's wellbriety home
Hotel work, restaurant work
and big box store work with Ken.
In addition to beganning skills in off leash. 3 nights in hotel with handler.
  Ken with Father Ken/Limey
Walked 4.5 miles

December 07

1 Day Community Work Limey and
Speaking at High School for FASD Awareness, Visiting businesses, loading vehicle and surprise visit to Interact
to see reaction to Ken
3:00 - 6:30
Basic Obedience
Also includes 4.5 mile walk
Ken and Father or Mother Learning to work with Limey with another handler and in a small group environment
3 Days Limey at Ken's for Weekend Ken and
Learning to manage Limey in
their home and watch their son work with Limey to report  back progress, issues and new training needs.
January 08
3 Days At Knarlwoods
and Visit to Brainerd, MN
Learning to work with Limey in other environments, visits to Bank, Grocery, Restaurant, Big Box Store work
Speaking in Brainerd -
 featured on News at Ten
1 Day City Bus System
and Downtown
Working the bus system and street
crossings - transfer buses - walking
to Day School Program, worked on Introductions to persons to allow petting
and lunch at the coffee shop.
1 Day City Bus System
Light Rail, Mall of American and Downtown
Working the bus and light rails system with  street crossings - transfer buses - transfer to light rail, worked on Introductions to persons to allow petting. lunch at Mall of America
Random Reaction for
changes in
plans - stressful
Ken with
and without
Postponed day to visit by one day.
Ken's reaction mature and stable.
Ken required to report any of his
problem behaviors and problem solve.
He acted his age not his shoesize.
1 Day Hospital and Psychiatrist Ken/Limey
Visited Hospital  and went to Psychiatrist. Handler delivered Limey to hospital on same
path Ken entered on. Limey followed Ken's
scent to lobby to find HIS DAD!
3:00 - 6:30
Basic Obedience
Also includes 4.5 mile walk
Ken and Father or Mother Learning to work with Limey with another handler and in a small group environment
Sat At Knarlwoods
and community
Ken and
Father or Mother
Leaning community work with Limey without Handler - visit coffee shops and
restaurants, walking in difference areas.
& Limey
Ken enrolled in next level class.
Ken MOVING to more independent living.
February 08
Class Two
Ken & Limey Ken is able to cross major highway with
Limey and walk himself to his classes.
FEB 11 Limey's Final

Special Needs
High School
Critical Care
Ward Hospital

Handler & Limey Limey experiences to five classes of students of various behaviors - outbursts, throwing, yelling, growling, screaming, screeching. Gym room with echoes and loud ball noises.
Non-verbal teen working toward touching
him and a deaf teen communicating with only sign language. He was groomed and then
proceeded to the critical care ward of
the hospital for one final visit - revolving doors, elevators, floor cleaning machines,
trays dropping - Limey is solid.
Ken's Father Picks up Limey to deliver to Ken.
Training vest (pertinent equipment for Limey so Ken can go into the community) remained behind. Ken understood item
missing would be delivered in morning.
He handle this final TEST MATURELY
and it was arranged to be delivered AM Express by 10:00 am
Congratulations TEAM!!!!
Ken & Limey Handler stopped by coffee shop where Ken was having cocoa with Limey and his father.
Limey was appropriate in behavior -
knew handlers scent upon entry - did
not respond, Limey knew handlers voice - did not respond. Handler walked up to
table - Limey remained in appropriate down Responded to courteous greeting when given permission by Ken.
Joined them for coffee and then went
for a walk - Practiced meeting other dogs
Ken was appropriate with clean-up

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The poodle is a hyper-active friendly dog that enjoys the company of people and children.

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  • Hypo means less than not none. 
  • No dog is completely 100% hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic dog breeds, are those breeds that are considered the most suitable for those who suffer from allergies. Though they do produce dander, the amount is so small that very few people experience allergy symptoms when in contact with these breeds. However, one should always visit the dog before deciding on a pet to make sure that there will not be a reaction.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI), almost 10% of the total U.S. population are allergic to animals (Pet Allergy). This number is quite significant for the individuals and families that cannot currently own a dog and are searching for the right hypoallergenic dog.

Lana and Limey - Service Dogs In Training for FASD - 8 Weeks Old

The woolly, baby sheep looking standard poodle does not have an undercoat, and does not shed easily. It is a recommended breed for people with allergies or sensitivities.

It is a common misconception that the amount of hair a dog contains acts as the trigger for people suffering from allergies and asthma. The true cause of their suffering is due to the dog’s skin dander. Therefore hairless or short haired dogs, although they many not have much hair, their skin dander will still trigger allergic reactions. With the recent trend in poodle mixes (goldendoodle, labordoodle ect.) it is best to purchase a second or third generation puppy. Often puppies produced from the first generation lack the characteristics of a poodle, which make them ideal for allergy suffering owners. The best test to determine whether your allergies will be affected is to spend 20 minutes in a closed off and confined area with the dog (cars tend to work well). This is a simple test which can save the owner from heartbreak in the future.

In addition, the HEPA filters are excellent for trapping fine particles; such as dust mite feces, pollen and other allergy and asthma symptoms triggers. This has been proven to be highly beneficial for people suffering from allergy and asthmatic problems.

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