About Us

Hi. We're Mo'Angels. The Mo' stands for modeling - role modeling 

The goal of our group is to provide 'roll' models for other teens who come from diverse backgrounds. 

We aren't perfect. We've have our share of problems -- we face them and try to be better 

from what we've learned. We invite teens and preteens to roll with us. Visit our tips section. 

We hope our life experiences help others stay safe and make good choices, sometimes our choices

are not the best. We've fallen over and over and keep having to pick ourselves up! So can YOU!. 

Our lives are not easy as you will see from our lyrics, tips and biographies. 

We'll tell you what we've learned from doing dumb things we don't recommend anyone doing. 

We make the best of life and try to be The Best We Can Be. 

We write our own lyrics and melodies and our goal is to Make a Difference 

in our generation through the music we sing, write, rap and dance.

So roll in and get to know us . . .

Lil' Mama  |  BabY Gurl  |  Baby Star  |  Lil' Angel

Although we have grown up now and no longer perform as a team we want
to continue to share what we did with teens. In the picture above we were 13, 14, 15 & 16
we had no money, just time and we believed we could change a little bit of the world together
so we practiced in bedrooms and basements, borrowed copiers and computers and tried our
best. It wasn't easy, but with hard work you can reach a little of your dream!
We tried!  Believe in yourself and strive
for your dreams.
The MoAngels

Check out our Management Team

Manager - Jodee Kulp    Better Endings New Beginnings   Indie Label:  in10city Records (ASCAP)