Pump yer brakes

Dedicated to Nina R.I.P.

I knew my sister Nina did high risk things. I kept my promises and didn't tell anyone. Nina was my foreign exchange sister. I loved her. Everyone loved her. I knew she had done more than just marijuana. I didn't tell anyone. And neither did her friends until she died at 17. Killed on a railroad with so many dreams. We all cried. We could have tried to help her differently - we could have told someone who could have made a difference. We didn't.


Chorus :  

pump your brakes, 
slow your roll,
get to know, 
take it slow oh oh 
listen to what Iíve got to say 
cuz maybe it will save you 
one day one day

RAP 'lil' mama' :

ya gotta pump your brakes dis makes your body shake
Slow your roll  
Donít let nobody take control
My sista named Nina
Ya may have seen her
OC and well known
Tryiní to be grown
But she got stoned
Her mama called on the phone 
and said she was gone 
Slow your ride
So you donít die
Late night tears in your eyes
Yo betta recognize


Verse:  baby star

pump your brakes, 
slow your roll
gurl you need to know
youíre not alone
so take control
get up on your feet 
roll out the street

Chorus :  

RAP BabY Gurl        

slow yo roll while I take control 
let me tell you a sterry 
while I rock - a- bell bow 
I know this gurl name Nina 
who partied like e'ry day
smokin' the hay
OC is how she was well known
jocked up on ice chrome 
thought she was grown 
only 17 
she lost her life on a railroad 
with so many dreams 
what a bad scene


RAP: Lil'Angel           
                                      pump your brakes,
                            slow your roll

                              Iím puttin it down foí show oh oh 
you need to know
youíre young, smart, and beautiful 
so stay in school and maintain the rules

Baby Star               stay on top and never drop

LilíAngel                  keep it tight and youíll be all right

Baby Star               stay cool and you wonít loose

All                          there is no high like the most high


©2003 Mo'Angels - Pump Yer Brakes
Lyrics and Melody by  Liz Myrhez, Anna Watkins
Music by Andre Lewis Studio mix by Benji & Right Sound Studio