Across the country more than six million children - 1 in 12 - are living in households headed by grandparents or other relatives. Over 500,000 children are in foster care  currently in the United States. Of these, over 100,000 are eligible for adoption.  Baby Gurl and Lil' Mama wrote 'Searchin' straight from the heart. They understand foster care, adoptive care and kinship care - it's  part of who they are. 


Baby Gurl

MoAngels representing
Foster Care, Adoption Care, 
Kinship Care . . . Ya'll know
It may be a pretty house, 
      but not a home
It may be a grip of people, 
      but not a family.
Come on' Lil Mama represent

Lil Mama
Representing :

I was told to show appreciation for my nation 
and every congregation
Now da' world's facing discrimination and 
mutilple humiliations - the game's lastin'
but I feel I'm never passing
I have no one to feed me back
I need someone to release my sack
What?  The hard soul that I carry
It will not drop til' I reach the cemetery.
All my fam dead - got passed the case to the feds
They didn't take a world that they said to the head
Nor realize that four multiple times I was hospitalized
Na' they supposed lil' children with no lives
With hidden tears in their eyes
No family to care and to be there
Four me, it's sad to see the days go by
With no food to apply
So these kids die.
We didn't ask to come to this world. as lie
What you can't help us. cuz you're not dignified
Give us a change even though we different than you
Cux we have possibilities for our philosophies
And ya know it is true. 
If ya can't take the responsibility 
and give us the ability to live life - it's crazy
Ya shoulda thought twice before ya had a baby. 
It brings ya fears - lock down for 18 years
It's like living nightmares what never ends!
Well it all depends.
If ya do da right thing or the night thing>
Pick which one you choose. 
But the consequences you can't refuse.


I'm dark, all alone
Searchin' for a home
Somewhere to call my own
I'm scared and lost
No where to walk
Someone please stop the rain
I bow my head everywhere I go
To try to hide the pain
I'm not a case, just a young face
Still full of grace
Just rise my head, every word I said
Hopefully came through to you
I need a home, not left alone
To help my dreams come true.

Baby Star


There is not light
He can't escape
How can you leave him alone
When he's only eight
You can still change, it's not too late
But now we need a home to keep him safe
He likes basketball and he's kinda small
He needs some love
An angel above
He says . . .


Verse :  Lil’Angel        

Livin' on the streets 
At such a young age
So sad little girl got so engages
With selling drugs and her body for love
Where was the angel above
All she needed was a family
And now she's labeled RIP
It didn't take long
Til' something went wrong
And now she's buried so long gone
And she said


RAP: Baby Gurl:           

A ta the B ta the C
Now she needs ya to be there
e in her eyes a little bit longer
Ya that's right just help her be stronger
She may be shakin but don't be takin'
Her for granted
Kinship care to foster care to adoptive care
Won't cha be there
If ya save me I may save ya too
And help me make my dreams come true
If ya love me I may love you too
It may be temporary but its better than
dead and buried.
There's many ways a child can thank you
Won't cha be there ya all!


Bridge The boy needs a home
Needs a home
Oh  . . . not left alone
not left alone

The girl needs a home 
Needs a home
Oh . . . not left alone
not left alone

All I want is a family
Ah said . . .All I need is a family
Someone who will care for me
Someone who will be there for me

Help me help me help


I need A REALLY family

Baby Gurl
Won't cha' be there

©2003 Mo'Angels -Searchin'
Lyrics and Melody by  Anna Watkins,  Liz Myrhez
Music by Trauma T - Right Sound Studio