can't change

A teen in our 'hood' had her face slashed in the high school. She was beautiful and had just gotten a modeling contract. Why would this happen? Jealousy, misunderstandings, put downs. Our hearts went out to both young women - the victim and the victim. The physical injury showed. Hatin' words that had ripped through the heart of the perpetrator were still silenced and unknown to most..


Chorus #1 :  

Canít change where I come from
Canít change the color of my skin
Canít change my differences
Just can stop my sin

Verse 'baby star' :

Lookiní tough on the outside
Frontiní so nobody knows
What Iím feeliní on the inside
When you toss those words of yours
True friends treat each other better
hold each other up to maintain
 ASS -sociates should know better
throwiní down words that stain

 RAP - lil' Mama

Canít change what I did back in time 
but I know one thing I am gonna shine 
Iím a souljar in the rough 
and na itís on me to stay tough 
and na Iím gonna keep my mind right 
and my game tight. 
Itís just like we liviní in a hallow bubble 
where people always startin'  trouble. 
Take my sins away.
Iím judge by what I did e'ry'day. 
            Stop hatiní an 
Iíll be OK

Chorus #2 :  


Deep inside Iím hurting
Deep inside Iím feeling the pain
Words cut me like a chain saw
Rippiní through my heart
Rippin through my brain

Verse :  LilíAngel        

If it ainít the color of my eyes
Itís the length of my hair
I have one question
why would other people care
They hate on your outfit
They hate on your style
Take my advice 
It is not worthwhile
Donít yell and scream
Donít kick and fight 
Donít explode like dynamite  
  All haters want to do
Is get a reaction from you.  

Chorus #1     Canít change  

RAP: Baby Gurl:           

  Yo can mug me
cuz ya ainít gotta love me.
But you donít even know me.
You just look at me from the outside. 
Loud and wild, 
but thatís only cuz Iím proud.  
I like to form be crowds.
I never bow down to the haters.
They can hit the gaters.
I see em later. 
But instead of making that smile upside down. You should try it the other way round
and maybe youíll make a few friends today.

 Chorus #2                   Deep Inside

©2003 Mo'Angels - Can't Change
Lyrics and Melody by Jodee Kulp, Anna Watkins, Kathleen Williams, Liz Myrhez
Music by Andre Lewis Studio mix by Benji & Right Sound Studio