fetal alcohol.

Baby Star

I have a really good friend named Lil' Mama who has fetal alcohol - her mother drank while she was pregnant with her and it meant my friend couldn't do a lot of things other kids could do. A group of us became her friends and have her back and stick up for her. We barely get into any fights and when she does get heated I have learned to help her calm down and not get heated too. One night we were at the skating rink and someone got her really mad. She said she was ugly. Lil' Angel and I told her how pretty she is and not to believe what people say. It's the truth she is a beautiful person inside and outside. I love Lil' Mama and would do anything for her. I will help her and she knows that. She has been workin' really hard on her dream and she is going for it.  Nothing is going to stop her. I'm telling everyone now, please don't drink with a baby in your stomach. Your child could get fetal alcohol and I know how hard Lil' Mama works to be the best she can be. Way harder than me and my gurlz. Think before you drink. Have a healthy baby.

Lil' Angel

Standing up for what we believe in. Declaring war on America's #1 birth defect - click here if you are curious!!

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Lil' Mama

Get to know more about Fetal Alcohol. I should know I have it in me!

Baby Gurl

Fetal Alcohol is a sad thing it messes up your babies brain, face and body. If you decide to become sober the baby still has to live with it. Their minds develop really slow. It is hard to talk to them. Sometimes you just want to hit them, but its not they fault they behave this way. Then you feel like crying cuz you feel sorry for them. It is just one big drama filled life and that will bring nothing but hell and lots of it. My gurl Lil Mama has worked really hard to build her brain. Like an athlete builds muscles. It is really not as  bad anymore for her. Her  mom has worked really hard to make sure of that. Her brain her is as healthy as it will get for now. She has to eat very carefully, exercise, not get stressed and take nutrients to fuel her brain. If she falls in life she gets right back up and she goes for it another time until she has it. If ya see her exploding give her space, she get it back together and work it out. Please think b 4  U drink it can lead to a lot of pain for a whole lifetime. Think of the baby who can end up feeling insane.

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