Angel Tips

  1. Anger

  2. Attitude

  3. Boyz 

  4. Fetal alcohol

  5. Gangs

  6. God

  7. Gurlz

  8. Drugs

  9. Drinking

  10. Family 

  11. Friends

  12. Hattaz

  1. My Self

  2. My Style

  3. My Body

  4. Smoking

  5. Suckin' Smoke

  6. Put Downs

  7. Rumors.

  8. Run Away

  9. School

  10. Stealing

  11. Telephone

Mo'Angels are real gurlz wit' real teen experiences and feelings. We live in all different kinds of families and in different places. We speak to the urban and suburban teen . . . that's our life. We're diamonds in the rough tryin' to stay tough. We make mistakes. We grow. We change. We love each other. We fight with each other. We brush ourselves off when we fall and lift each other up to help build a new start. We work hard to get our message out there. We're determined to make a difference and stand for what's right - even though we sometimes fall and do wrong. PEACE OUT!   Hit Counter