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Our puppy photo slideshows were produced as an educational tool for children to watch as our litter of puppies grows into canine companions. We hope you enjoy our tour guide LaKeisha the cat who supervised our young pups growth. If you are interested in viewing them please email knarlwoods.

1st Grooming     Fuzzy Faces   

We will continually add links to the Brain Booster Buddy Program for play and growth ideas for children, so come back often. A special Thank You to our Poodle Puppy Petters who cuddled and played with the pups for socialization.

A calm happy environment with excellent nutrition and vitamins provides the growing environment for the puppies.
Each evening soon-to-be Mama received loving Tellington-Touch and a massage. We spent hours walking
in the magical forest looking for birds and rabbits and deer to keep our growing family healthy.

It's almost puppy time!


Everyone is preparing .

  • Karl and Sam are busy building the whelping boxes.

  • Jodee is gathering the puppy needs, massaging Bonnie and making her special food.

  • Liz and five little future poodle puppy petters are tying puppy blankets for the puppy nursery.

  • Bonnie is tired of being pregnant but enjoyed tummy rubs and special Pregnant Mommy Poodle Stew.

  • Daddy Mak ....well he is in for a BIG surprise!

Looks like there are 9-11 pups.

New Puppies

Mak and Bonnie have surprised us from the beginning.... The wonderful puppies came March 11, the day after the vet check - Mama Bonnie was healthy and we counted nine to ten little spines and heads. A day later our healthy and wonderful nine puppies emerged, when we thought we had a few more days in the womb. And the second surprise they are all Stunning Beautiful Licorice Black! Though some may be silver or blue. We will know by 7 1/2 weeks.

The whelping supplies arrived the next day just as Karl was finishing the special whelping boxes! (3/12/07 -- 21 photos)

K-Nine & humanKind

Brain Booster Buddies program is rolling out as the K-nine puppies move from neonates and tummy time to wobbly stepping out todders into heads held high prancing, running puppies that try to act like the "big dogs".

Bonnie is a wonderful Mama and Mak is a great big smiling Daddy!
(3/23/07 - 1 photo)

The pups are born!
After being licked off by Mak and Bonnie, nursed on a nipple, Raccoon Touched and ear stroked by the humanKIND the pups incubate in the warm cat bed until the birth of all the puppies in completed.
The puppies' eye and ears are still closed. They rely on their mother dog to get all their food.
They stay close to their littermates and they crawl on their tummies. They rely on the humanKIND taking
care of them to keep warm and safe. The puppies are weighed and charted everyday and their growth is compared
to carefully watch that everyone is getting enough to eat and is healthy. After weighing they enjoy Raccoon Touch.
They live in a warm nursery box with no drafts - Poor Bonnie had to have a BIG haircut to stay in the hot nursery.
HumanKIND provides safety, protection, love and attention.

Puppy Changes Life Changes

Arrival of the K-nine crew 6 days earlier than expected put everyone into high gear. Liz is now our puppy sitter, Karl completed two wonderful whelping (oops now nursery boxes) and humanKIND shaved Bonnie into the ugliest - but most comfortable haircut ever so Ms Beach Bonnie could lay under the heat lamps with her babies without sweating it. Will someone tell Jodee she needs grooming lessons!
(3/16/07- 22 photos)

Puppies 1 Week

Everyone is finally getting a bit more sleep. Bonnie returned for a favorite walk in the magical forest and was pleased to have a mommy break and be a dog for a bit. Enjoy the one week photos for the pups and watch as the Pink and Blue bunny gets smaller over the next four weeks! (3/17/07 - 17 photos)


10 Days Old

We are now starting to get up on our little legs and walk instead of tummy crawl

A Happy Poodle Paddy day to you all and a tumbling entry into springtime!Tummy time will soon be over and life will become get up and go go go! (3/17/07 -- (21 photos)


During this 14 day period the puppies are introduced to neuro-development Bio-Sensor exercises developed by
the Military that mildly stress each pup. Mild physical stress helps the pup develop into a dog that is better able
 to handle stress, is more outgoing and learns quickly. In addition we use light Tellington-Touch on each pup involving slow circular motions on their bodies, softly stroking the ears, and rubbing tooth popping gums.
The pups are learning to be alive.

A bit of Balarney

Tis' the luck of the Irish we have such a pretty little litter from our lovely Bonnie Lass. We've heard there is a little leprechaun on the lurch so keep your green eyes open and see what pops out from under the Big Green Hat! (3/22/07 - 11 photos)


Trying for mug shots with Liz

Details of black puppies are almost impossible to photograph -
we're trying to get faces for www.Wellnessquest.com 
Jeff the "Brain Boogieman."

Finally we tried black pups on red...wah...la...we've got a bit of detail. (3/22/07 - 22 photos)


2 Weeks Old

Today is the next day of bunny shots - You will see how much we've grown. Our eyes are open and we are learning to walk on our little feet. We get up and fall often and roll and tumble. We are now little rolly polly furballs. Daddy Mak is our assistant photographer and there is a secret art director waiting for you at the last shot....(3/24/07 -- 19 photos)

DAY 13-20 - TRANSITIONAL PERIOD - Beginning Exploration
The puppies' eyes and ears are opening and they begin to try to walk on wobbly little legs. They respond to tastes and smells and know when Mama Bonnie comes near to provide food without even seeing her. The pups are held, talk to and sang to. Each puppy is given individual time with both a male and female puppy handler. Their nursery box is filled with different things to explore - many sounds are introduced in mild ways, packaging material is popped, metal clanged, and general daily life in an office and home environment is part of the litters surroundings. Inside their whelping box are materials of metal, plastic, rubber, cardboard and fabric to explore. Outside was wood, concrete and grasses.

Spring puppy picnic

The weather reached 81 and the puppies and Bonnie went out for a picnic in the sun on a blanket. The milk bar was open and all faucets were operating for the little quickly growing pups.  (3/28/07 - 20 photos)

Little laps and wet faces

This is our 2nd day learning to lap milk. Right now we think Mama is a better option, but our baby teeth our coming in and Mama don't like that! We will wean (learn to eat by ourselves) over the next week and one half. (3/29/07 - 15 photos)\


Puppies 3 Weeks

Today is day 21 and our little minds just popped open....we look at people when they say "puppy" in a squeaky voice. We are starting to play with our brothers and sisters and we will soon be learning all kinds of new things. Our eyes are open, but even though our eyes our open we are only beginning to see the big world to explore. (3/31/07 -9 photos)

This is a magic three days as the puppies become aware and able to use their eyes and ears. They look at us
 when we speak to them and the waddle over to see who is talking. During this time we gently touch the pups
and keep everything stable. Each pup is cuddled individually by both male and female handlers.
Music is played softly throughout the day in the office and diluted 'safe for canine' essential oils are introduced.
Each day when we change the bedding we change the texture of the box keeping one blanket in common.
The pups have been introduced to concrete, wood, tile, carpet and a variety of fabric surfaces.
We change the nursery box topography (the pillow becomes a hill for the pups and they must come down the hill to go piddle and up to go to sleep). They are already going to the bathroom on their piddle papers. The pups are beginning to learn new things and their environment is protected and gentle. During this time we are very careful not to stress the pups.

Snuggles & Cuddles in Week 2

This week we spent sleeping and eating and relaxing. We finished our BioSensor training on Day 16 and we got some R&R - that's rest and relaxation. The rest of the time we spent being snuggled and cuddles by male and female handlers and exploring new smells.

Click here to learn more about BioSensor. (3/31/07 -- 13 photos)


(9 photos)


This is a week of learning about new things without pressure. So we are exploring toys and textures, sounds and smells, and still getting hugs and cuddles. We are also eating puppy mush with kibble, formula, an egg yolk and cottage cheese for breakfast! YUMMMY - we put puppy mush all over our Mom and the humanKinds.

(4 photos)

Future Dog Scouts

Our mom Bonnie "Cinnebonne of Knarlwoods" is a Dog Scout. You can learn more about Dog Scouts at www.dogscouts.org

Click here to see Bonnie at Dog Scout Camp!


Primary Socialization (3-5 Weeks)
This is an important time in the development of a dog for the development of a stable emotional temperament.
During these early weeks of socialization the pups learn about being a dog - barking, chasing, biting, fighting and body posture.
They are still in the transition to food and weaning stage and the mother remains a part of their daily life.
They have separated areas for sleeping, playing and elimination and go to the proper places.
Their tiny teeth are beginning to grow and Mama Bonnie will roll them over in submission if they bite her while nursing.
They are learning to be submissive to both Mak and Bonnie when they get out of line and they assume proper dog positions.
We are beginning to introduce more sounds - pops from bubble wrap, pots and pans dropping, doors, telephones and general life in a fmaily.
At five weeks they began to learn sit-stay and attention to handler to get treats.

(10 photos)

Puppies 4 Weeks Old

Today we are four weeks old and beginning our Fifth week of life. The world is a big and busy place and you will see we have really grown up this week. We are learning everyday about new sounds and smells. We are no longer babies we are "Toddlers"!


(24 photos)

New Experiences
for Puppies

We're busy growing and are moving into our Toddle Time. Our human brothers Sam and Dave are busy remodeling their bedroom for our new puppy playroom and soon we will be introduced to it. Meanwhile we enjoy all the new changes - especially eating and bugging mom!

(13 photos)

Bigger Bunnies and Bigger Puppies

Puppies check out the puppy car - there's a BIG bunny in there! We were 4 weeks on Easter Sunday, so this is our fifth week of life. We are learning more everyday and as you can see a Bunny came to our puppy car and filled it right up!

(18 photos)

Puppy Enrichment

The program K-nine & humanKIND Brain Booster Buddies is really now just beginning with our little 4 week olds. Today they are introduced to the Puppy Playroom. Initially two puppy's at a time will join a handler in the enrichment center to learn and grow. Enjoy their first lesson!


(22 photos)

New Experiences

The world is filled with opportunity and new smells and touches and things to do. Today after breakfast and a taste of a snowball, the pups played in their puppy nursery pen and for their big adventures went wading and had warm bath before snuggling for a long afternoon nap.

(18 photos)

Sport Exploration

It was a beautiful weekend and the pups enjoyed hours of exploring out of doors. Bonnie was excited to get back to her agility course and the little puppies wanted to follow her so we flattened the ramp and across they went back and forth in puppy glee, then we put it at a slight angle - up up they went marching. Enjoy the photos of exploring.

Outdoor Adventures
The night time offers sounds and smells and different experiences - we listen to motorcycles running along the street, small airplanes flying overhead and the toot of a train off in the distance. (4/16/07 - 16 photos)


(20 photos)
The Big Tunnel and Duck Pond

Seeing the world through puppies eyes in magical. We have discovered many great new toys - wearing empty toilet paper tubes on our nose is GREAT fun, carrying leaves in our mouth is something to be proud of and the new big rolly polly tunnel is a great adventure, not to mention bopping for ducks in the duck pond.

Ready to Wean!

The pups are now so big they can sit and drink from Mama Bonnie - each day they are getting a bit more dog food and less and less opportunity to nurse...however there are times they rush to Mama. Bonnie and Mak have moved to their napping balcony in the evening and Bonnie enjoyed a full day trip with humanKIND dad and left Mak to puppysit.  (4/22/07 -- 13 photos)

Pretending we're big dogs

It's plenty fun to watch Mama Bonnie and Daddy Mak play big dog games and do big dog things...but it is way more fun when we do them ourselves!(4/22/07 - 10 photos)


Secondary Socialization (6-12 Weeks)
The pups are introduced in their sleeping area that has been moved into the kitchen. They are too big for the
puppy nursery and it is time to wean Mama Bonnie. Bonnie and Mak are returning to being play partners and
Bonnie is now wearing a shirt to keep the puppies from nursing but allowing her time to play with her babies and
teach them puppy manners. Their little alligator teeth are sharp and this is the time to learn not to bite too hard.
The pups experience many different people people and enjoy riding in their crate in the car.
They come when we call "puppies" and follow us as we run - they are able to go up and down different surfaced stairs at 7 weeks.
They visit seniors and persons with disabilities bring joy and smiles to all.  They spend hours in the
yard running and exploring nature, different textures and testing out the agility equipment adapted to tiny size.
We work on leash pressure and additional skills. By the 49th day the brain waves of a pup are the same as a mature dog and we will test for aptitude and temperament. The puppies are introduced to all the yard activities - by twelve weeks they are walking on leash with another
pup, a parent dog or with a handler. They have walked up to 1 mile with handlers. They have been exposed to water, agility, birds, children, elderly and persons with special needs. They are beginning puppy-style obedience work and have learned to piddle on piddle pads, newspaper, concrete, dirt and grass. They spend their days napping, climbing, running and cuddling.

8-10 weeks - Fear Imprint Stage - We do not release puppies during this time because
strong first impression can have lasting behavioral issues. We consider release after ten weeks after evaluating new home.

Secondary Socialization (12 Weeks)
The pups are introduced to playing tracking and find it games. They continue playing on adult dog agility equipment and we continue to rearrange the obstacle course for them. They have three child plastic pools of various depths and water temperatures and climb in and out.

We continue to provide love and attention, discipline and socialization.



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